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Dedicated Exhibition Floor Showcasing The Latest State-of-the-Art:

  • Collaborative)Robotic Arms
  • Gesture-Controlled Lightweight Robots
  • Robotics Controllers
  • Robotics Teach Pendants
  • Auxiliary Robotics Equipment
  • Robotics Software
  • Robotics Maintenance
  • Robotics Training
  • Robotics Insight Solutions
  • Robotic Accessories
  • Vacuum Grippers
  • Parallel Grippers
  • Mobile Pedestals
  • Error Proofing Technologies
  • Glove Scanners
  • Vision System Software
  • Vision Detection Technologies
  • Optical Lenses
  • Sensing Technologies
  • Part Tracking Systems
  • Real-Time Monitoring Camera Systems
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Ergonomic Workstations
  • Ergonomic Solutions
  • Ergonomic Workwear
  • Industrial Manipulators
  • Automation Solutions for: Press Shop, Body Shop, Paint Shop, Power Train & Assembly
  • Automation Contractors
  • Laser Welding Technologies
  • Wireless Communication Technologies
  • Data Management Systems
  • Data Collection Systems

Live Streaming

Unable To Attend The Event In Person?

Why not check out our live streaming package, below.

Live streaming gives you to access the conference from your own home or work place - meaning convenience for you, and saving on travel and accommodation costs.

The Live Streaming Package Includes:

Live streaming of the conference, live Q&A participation and the copy of the post event media package.

The Post Event Media Package Includes:

Full video coverage (including Q& A and Panel Sessions), downloadable audio recordings and PowerPoint presentations from the 2 Day Conference.

The video material may be accessed from both the Library and the My Materials section of your customer account.

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The Next-Generation Collaborative Robots & Automation Technologies Automotive Manufacturing 2016 is...

The first-of-its-kind fully OEM led conference, delivering  OEM case studies and practical experiences to assess the commercial application, integration and benefits of innovative collaborative robotic technologies to drive them in to factories quicker...

The event also focuses on showcasing the very latest high-tech, cutting edge automation and collaborative robotic technologies to really rush the barrier, increase production efficiencies, reduce errors and increase manufacturing.


  • Widest Range Of Practical Real World OEM Case Studies : Delivering never-before-seen OEM case studies and practical experiences to assess the commercial application, integration and benefits of innovative collaborative robotic technologies to drive them in to factories quicker.
  • Greater Focus On Next-Generation Robotics Than Seen Anywhere Else: Understand which technologies that have been proven to be safe for deployment on the assembly lines, and what types of robots are improving manufacturing efficiency and cutting costs to justify the initial outlay.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology Exhibition : Focusing on high-tech, cutting edge automation and collaborative robotics technologies, automotive manufacturers have the chance to hear the latest results on innovative technologies that are pushing the barrier, increasing efficiencies, reducing errors and maximize manufacturing profitability.
  • Focus On New Trends Like Error Proofing & Vision Detection : Stay up-to-date on the big trend right now and learn how to use the visual world to verify that the job is getting done and avoid having an error that when going from one process to the next. 


Live Streaming


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